Green IT

Bruno Thomas - @bam_thomas

"If you aggregated the electricity use by data centers and the networks that connect to our devices, it would rank sixth among all countries"

Gary Cook Greenpeace's international IT analyst

Green IT

"Continuous improvement process that aims to find the best balance between expected service quality and resources use to reach it"

Frédéric Bordage

Green IT

Eco-systemic process that includes software in the lifecycle of digital services


Reasonable use...

  • Of resources

    human, environmemental, servers, network, ...
  • Of user's data

    Data usefull for the service
  • Of time

    respect user's attention


  • Optimization

    of software
  • Fight against

    Planned obsolescence
  • Share

    Opensource and creative commons
  • UX

    offline first, software craftmanship, ease of use
  • Accessibility

    design for people who experience disabilities


  • UX

    less network use, better battery duration, use in the tube, "white" areas...
  • Operational costs

    less server load, less bandwidth
  • Market share

    more devices can access the service
  • Innovation

    improving creativity, challenging habits
  • Corporate social responsability

    preserve environnement, employee's self esteem
  • Marketing

    ecology : selling argument